the face august 2002
40 dressed-up, messed-up, young, sexy, drunk and dirty new bands.

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The Please
Five strong, skinny white-tied, pogo-pop-rawk artists from sunny San Fran, The Please are the blazer-wearing indie boy's new fave band

They rock like: Simplistic soft-rock riffs and inspired lyricism you'll want
to grow your hair along to. They've far-fetched names (their bassist is
called Luckey Remington, their lead guitarist Rich Good) and look as if they share The Strokes' stylist

They couldn't make music without: Sonic Youth, Brian Wilson. And anything ever by Bob Dylan

Crowning Glory:
'Having been together for only eight months, I guess supporting The Vines was pretty special,' ponders Flying V-wielding strummer Noah Georgeson

The future is:
Signing an album deal in order to afford a tour van. 'Five people, three guitars and a bust-up keyboard in one rental car is tough on inner-band emotional equilibrium,' sighs Georgeson

See them: If you missed their recent UK dates, whenever you, ahem, please on

Hear them: Six-track EP 'Never Complete', from said website. Logoed mugs, plectrums and 'authentic-looking' torn rock jeans also available on request

that's what they think; i'll take a please plectrum and my flying v back thanks - rich

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