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new t-shirts
Wednesday 11th December >> the latest designs from the Pleased studio can now be ordered and worn on your body. Take a look in the shop. You may also have noticed a few new pictures in the vision section recently.

back in the ussa
Friday 6th December >> the band is now back in the usa wandering the california bay area, enjoying jetlag and tv, preparing to write and record some new material as soon as possible. thanks again to the UK and NYC for the good times..

thank you UK - hello NYC
Monday 2nd December >> We are in NYC on tuesday this week for an early show at The Mercury Lounge. We'll only be on the east coast for one night so we are already looking for excuses to return for more shows early in 2003. Thanks to everyone who came out to the UK shows and to those who provided us with beds, wine and good company - you are the finest

one piece from the middle
We have some new music available for your ears. The 15 track disc includes 9 new tracks, some remixed older songs and some interesting interludes. All wrapped up in some very fine hand crafted packaging. One Piece from the Middle is available at shows and will be available online soon. New T-Shirts are available at shows; they feature horses and castles - how can you resist?

the please on xfm
Thursday 7th November >> Request The Please on XFM: send a message to and ask them to play our music.

uk tour final date tonight - cardiff show cancelled
Friday 29th November >> Due to some unforseen circumstances Saturday's Cardiff show has been cancelled. This is not how we like to do things and we apologise to the good people of Cardiff - we'll be back soon. Tonight we close the UK tour in Brighton at The Freebutt. This show is going to be one glorious night of sound with our good friends and local heroes; The Mutts. Its truly an unmissable combination of tambourine circulation and hair. We want to be seeing you all there - who knows when The Pleased will next step onto the UK stage?

pleased on tour
Sunday 24th November >> We are currently on tour throughout the UK - thanks to all the fine peoples over here we are having a truly glorious experience featuring exessive Irn-Bru abuse, stage invasions and over-exposure to Mutts. Horses on T-Shirts are a hit and will soon be available online. We're looking forward to the last 5 UK shows this week and to the good people of New York City next week. See you out there.

Wednesday 13th November >> the please are on tour throughout the uk for the rest of november. there are changes afoot. come see them unfolding.

Recordings, T-Shirts and the UK on the Horizon...

Thursday 17th October >> So the headphones are just about off and now its down to the inhouse design team to come up with some aesthetically pleasing packaging before you'll be able to tune in to The Please sound circa October 2002. To commemorate the occasion we'll be reissuing the ever popular Castle and Flamingo T-shirts in new colours and maybe even adding a new design.

We are headed back to the UK in November! Dates will be announced as soon as the man in black lets us know. We can't wait to get back to the british public, rain and pie 'n mash. Click here to hear one of the new songs we'll be bringing with us...

Wednesday 2nd October >> Thanks to all our friends at the Jackpot/Von Bondies shows this weekend. One day we'll take the one chord to Phoenix... promise.

The Beautiful Horse

Thursday 17th October >> For those of you who missed the one chord at Bottom of the Hill last week - you can catch it all over again on the 22nd October. This time its free...

new music from under the floorboards

Wednesday 2nd October >> We've added a new song for you all to enjoy via download on the sound page. You may recognize the tune if you've seen us recently - this version is a semi final mix of what will appear on our imminent next release. As usual its untitled for now. You can here it in it's full live glory at one of our shows this week.

Thursday 26th September >> Another show just cropped up at Bottom of the Hill on October 22nd.
Tuesday 17th September >> Thanks to all the fine people at Café Du Nord last thursday. Your stylish company was enjoyed very much. We are finishing off those new recordings to have something new for you all at the next Jackpot and Von Bondies shows.

Never Complete is now available at Rough Trade in the UK and Insound worldwide! New songs nearing completion in the studio - we now have 6 on the go...

Tuesday 20th August >> So The Face have printed a second article on The Please - focusing on Joanna this time. We can't keep these people at bay. Look fer it in The Face September issue. New shows in the bay area, LA and hopefully the east coast soon.

Tuesday 10 September >> Win tickets to our Cafe Du Nord show on thursday. Thanks to the people at Flavorpill - All you have to do is be polite. Click here.

Friday 6th September >> We are definitely playing at Café Du Nord next Thursday 12th September. Download Flyers Here Thanks to all the friends and dancers (!) in Berkeley last night for making the Lair a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Monday 25th August >> SHOW UPDATE
We are now playing the G-Streeet Pub in Davis, CA on October 3rd not September 3rd. Please check that change. We also have some new shows coming in September and October including a date with Von Bondies at Bottom of the Hill on October 6th. Thank you to Tokyo Marine Fire for Saturday night enjoyment...

Tuesday 13th August >> We are currently recording new songs at our secret studio in the hills. So far we have 4 new songs and new versions of a couple of older tunes. Its sounding cool so keep your ears here for news on a release date.

Thursday 25th July >> The Face have printed an article of 40 bands to watch out for. we are featured somewhere in there. you can get the mag anywhere in the UK now and most cities in the US. we are flattered to be 'soft rock riffsters' it seems there has been some confusion in the translation from interview to print. enjoy...

Tuesday 20th August >> Win a pair of tickets to the show on Saturday at Flavor Pill.

Saturday 3rd August >> Never Complete is now available on insound and is soon to be stocked at Rough Trade in the UK.

Friday 2nd August >> We have a couple of new reviews in the press section for your light reading enjoyment. The band is currently writing new material and getting ready to record a new EP very soon.

Monday 15th July 2002 >> Thanks to Jackpot and everyone at Nevada City on Saturday. They played Levitate and we played the new one. It was so good that various band members passed out. See pictures here >>


Tuesday 25th June >> NEVER COMPLETELY AVAILABLE - Our second self-produced EP Never Complete is now fully available online and at shows. CASTLE or FLAMINGO? Our latest T-Shirt designs are now available for online purchase. Find your way to the dressing room here.

Tuesday 16th July >> The Face magazine is running an article on 15 bands to watch out for. The Please are featured. The August issue is out on the 17th July in the UK. We don't have a copy here in California yet...

Tuesday 25th June 2002 >> PLEASE HIT THE JACKPOT. We are playing Saturday night in the sprawling metropolis of Nevada City, CA with 'the best rock band in the world'; Jackpot. They will play Levitate and we will play the new one. See you there.

Tuesday 25th June 2002 >> Thanks to the people at Blue Lamp in Sacramento and to The Walkmen for another great show and some valuable hotel recommendations on Sunday.
>> Download cool flyer for that show here.

Monday 24th June >> Some new photographs from UK appearing on the Vision pages.

Wednesday 19th June >> We are now recovering from our first tour back here in California - getting ready for The Walkmen show on sunday and writing a few new songs at our secret hideout in the mountains. >> Download flyers for Sundays show here!

Monday 17th June >> On thursday we played our last UK show in Harlow at the Square. Again, thanks to all who made it out for the UK shows - we were overwhelmed with classic british hospitality, the world cup, fish and chips and of course the weather.


Wednesday 12th June >> Thanks to everyone who came out to the Monarch last night - especially the long distance travellers from Portland, San Francisco and of course the High Drivers from Northampton! Monday night in Cardiff was also a good time - thanks to everyone for their hospitality over there in Wales. Looking forward to seeing y'all out at the Phoenix tonight: Backyard @ The Phoenix,
37 Cavendish Square, London W1 - nearest tube: Oxford Circus

Saturday 8th June 2002 >> The fair city of Brighton rocked us on thursday night - thanks especially to NPB and the Blue Minkies for stickers and stuff. We noticed an interesting entry in TimeOut this week. Heading up to Peterborough tonight...

Sunday 02 June 2002 >> We had a shockingly good show last night at the Toynbee Arts Café in London - thanks to everyone who came out and the Slumber Party for having us. Our SOUTHAMPTON show has been cancelled. We are not happy but look for a rescheduled show soon. See you all at Brighton on thursday 6th June.

Friday 31 May 2002 >> We are having a jolly old time here in England - we played the Camden Monarch on Tuesday to hundreds of screaming friends and some key members of Travis and Stereophonics. Last night the jetlag-fueled entourage headed north to play with the High Drivers - we enjoyed them and the Northampton Soundhaus alot. Pictures and more soon.

23rd May 2002 >> FINAL UK DATES - THE BRIGHTON DATE IS DEFINITELY THE 6TH JUNE. Please go check the UK dates - we've just had another shuffle around there. We don't want people turning up at Stone Henge when we are taking the stage at Wembley do we?


We have the first batch of CD's ready to take to England with us. So you will be able to purchase the CD at those shows. The official US release will be on our return - we start shipping 17th June. If you wish to pre-order online now please do so. Also, coming along are some snazzy new T-Shirts. They will also be available online soon.

15th May 2002 >> Thanks to French Kicks for playing the weird and wonderful Elk Grove and Bottom of the Hill shows with us this weekend. We enjoyed playing with those guys alot - check them out.

10th May 2002 >> We are playing with French Kicks on Sunday in Elk Grove and Monday in San Francisco. They are a very cool band - hope to see you there.

7th May 2002 >> Thanks to The Vines and Rooney for a great show at Slim's last Sunday.

21st March 2002
Download mp3's of tracks taken from our UC Davis KDVS show.

A good time was had with Clinic (Great American Music Hall) and The Walkmen (Grass Valley) last month - thanks to everyone who made it out. Enjoy some new movie clips from various shows.